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Thanks for joining! Whatever man...I don't even know you anymore. I'm Chuck Chandler and with my co-host, Chad Stewart, and we are here to make you laugh about todays bullshit news, sports or whatever is going on man. Please follow and enjoy my insight on nothing really. Thank you Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer for being my inspiration. Love you all!

About the Hosts

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Chuck Chandler


Thanks for joining us at Whatever Man. My name is Chuck Chandler. I am an average 49-year-old United States Air Force Veteran with a shit ton of trivial knowledge, passions, opinions, and ideas I am excited to share with you. I love auto-racing and spending time with my family and animals when I am not working my fulltime job or podcasting. I’m straight forward and honest, and I love to make others laugh. I am a deep thinker who brings us to the creation of….“Whatever, Man!”

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Chad Stewart

My name is Chad and I am a 52 year old retired police officer. I have 3 daughters and 1 son. I'm married to the most beautiful woman this side of the Mississippi River. We have 3 awesome dogs...Scout, Sniper and Chewy. We love to hit the beach and cheer our Chicago Cubs on!
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